A Little #SeniorSunday Movie Magic

For this #SeniorSunday, I HAD to feature one of my most student-driven sessions, inspired entirely by St. Mary’s Class of 2017 senior, Maggie and her love for vintage styling, classic movies, and lust for life.  She and I collaborated for quite some time prior to her session, talking about locations, looks and moods, and she built a fantastic Pinterest vision board to help the whole concept come together.

We had the most spectacular time working throughout Portland and once, stopping traffic (and perhaps having the authorities a bit on alert) when we used a smoke grenade downtown for some of her photos.   Maggie and I share a love of black and white movies and movie posters, so we leveraged a hotel BATHROOM – of all places – in order to get the mirror shots. We then moved outside and despite it being broad daylight, put some flashes to work to create a night-time, shadowy look.  And then we just walked and let the city inspire us both!

I LOVE collaborating with my seniors and helping them craft a truly customized, one-of-a-kind shoot complete with special effects, if they want. If you’re still in the market for senior photos, contact me SOON!  I have a few September dates left, and then we’re booking either mini sessions or into October …

Enjoy checking out the movie magic that was Maggie’s shoot!



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#Throwback Thursday – Class of 2017 Style

Have you ever just had the stars align for you? When Kenzie told me that she dreamed one day to own a VW bus and that she just loved the whole boho look, I was a bit stymied. But I thought – let’s just see what social media can do.  Sure enough, I posted a quick question on my facebook page, inquiring to anyone who might have a Bus for us to borrow and sure enough – MINUTES later, a complete stranger here in West Linn not only was offering up his vintage ride, he was sending me his GARAGE CODE so I could get in and grab his keys to borrow it for our shoot.

Fortunately we still had a few days, so I was able to prepare Kenzie’s mom for the surprise that awaited her. The look on her face when she came around the corner at our session location was priceless. It meant the world to me that I could surprise this beauty with her dream car, and that we had a whole stylized senior session waiting for her.

We started her shoot with a quick family session, which was absolutely priceless (cue their perfect dog, who also knew how to pose!) and then quickly moved to the vintage Bus to start her shoot.

Kenzie, it was my absolute honor to work with you and your wonderful family. I had the most spectacular time and hope to see you the day  you buy your own classic VW. It’s only a matter of time!

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And Away She Goes | West Linn Photographer

Kennedy signed up as one of my first models when I broke into senior photography.  She joined me nearly three years ago and helped me on countless projects, while I tried to figure out my style and my techniques. Today, I said goodbye to this gorgeous young lady as she gets ready to start her next adventure at Oregon State University. (And boy, did we manage to capture some beautiful shots in the five minutes we had together?) I’m going to miss her, and all of my beautiful Class of 2015 model reps.  Here’s to an amazing time in Beaver Nation, Ken. Love you bunches!

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Five Guys for one Girl’s Senior Session | West Linn Senior Photography

My hard drive is overflowing right now with new sessions for the Class of 2016, but I’m doing a little “throwback” post here, looking back on one of the more unique and colorful sessions that we did last year for my beautiful rep, Cassie.  When she filled out her Q&A before her first session, Cassie confessed her true love for all things food. And especially burgers. So when I suggested that we shoot at the local Five Guys Burger & Fries, she was all in.  We laughed. We ate. We laughed some more. But best of all, we captured some gorgeous pics of this wonderful young woman, and captured her in her element!

If you’re still looking to create some utterly unique senior photos, throw out your best and most challenging ideas. The sky’s the limit! Email me today at kelly@kellymooneyphotography.com.  And PS: LaSalle HS, your senior photos are not due until January 2016 – so we have LOADS of time for shooting!

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Evan’s Senior Session | Lake Oswego HS Class of 2016

I’ve known Evan almost since the day we moved to Oregon in 2006.  He and my son ended up on the same football team, and our families just instantly connected.  It’s so hard for me to believe that this once-young man is already looking at college around the corner. And though I’m a green-bleeding Oregon Duck, I am really excited to hear that he’s planning to attend OSU, if only because I’m jealous that my friends get to keep their awesome son nearby!

Evan, thank you for letting me drag you around town, and for being so willing to follow posing instructions. I know most guys aren’t thrilled about the idea of sitting for portraits, but you knocked it out like a pro and I think the results were fantastic!

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