Bailey’s Powell Books Senior Session | Gresham HS

I was SUCH a reader in high school – that was my escape.  I love love love books. So when Bailey told me she shared that passion, our photo destination was pretty much immediately evident. Powell’s Book Store, here we come!

She and I had such fun picking out books with titles that told her story, and that made us laugh.  People in and around the store were so kind to us, and allowed us to play and experiment by shooting in different parts of the store.  Then we managed to time our departure to catch perfect Golden Hour light in the heart of downtown Portland.  And her rocker glam style just put the session over the top.  Bailey – you were a fabulous model with the BEST laugh ever, and I will never forget the sight of you just strutting’ your stuff for our shoot.  You were an absolute natural in front of the camera. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your senior year!


Bethany’s Senior Session: Guest Post from Iconic Details Stylist Ashley Roda

When my seniors want a photo experience that is seriously elevated, I always suggest that they and their parents meet with my stylist and associate, Ashley Roda.  As the owner of Iconic Details, Ashley brings her sophisticated and timeless eye to helping seniors choose a wardrobe and accessories that turn the senior photos into beautiful works of art! I asked Ashley to explain her process, which she does below, by showcasing the collaborative work she did with West Linn Senior Bethany.  Read on! 

Hello Seniors,I had the pleasure of styling Bethany, one of the sparkling seniors photographed by Kelly Mooney.   Are you excited about working with Kelly but not sure what to wear for your shoot!?  Not to worry! We’ve got you! Kelly invites seniors to meet with me before their photo shoots to help them style various looks to wear & choose from.  To prep for our time together, I ask seniors:

  • To pull out your favorite looks: What are the outfits you love to wear the most? The ones that others say “That is so YOU!” when you wear them.
  • Do you have any sentimental items you want to include in the shoot? Jewelry or props (dance shoes, letterman jackets, family heirlooms, etc.).
  • Depending on how many locations, I ask you pull: 1 Casual-look, 1 Dressy-look and 2 that show off your personality.
  • During our time together: I come to your home, see what you’ve pulled and help you style each look to be a “Perfect 10.”


When we meet, I like to know:

  • Who you are: What have you enjoyed studying in school? Are you in any after school programs?  What do you plan to use these photos for? What do you have planned after you graduate? What do you want to share about yourself through these photos?
  • Tell me about your shoot with Kelly: Where are you going to shoot your pictures?  Indoors or out? We need to take this into consideration so we don’t have you in a swimsuit in a cafe or high heels in grass!

Styling Bethany was a pleasure.  She had a pile of her favorite clothes pulled out of her closet and layed out on her bed when I arrived.  Bethany shared with me she had two locations she planned to shoot at: Downtown Portland & The Rose Gardens.  As a petite dancer she wanted to make sure her legs would look super long, and wanted help pulling outfits together that would elongate her physique.  Bethany had her own amazing natural style, both edgy and artsy.  While she shared with me her favorite ways of pairing things, I helped her in picking the right patterns, accessories and completing each look.

Patterns can be tricky, if the pattern is too small, shiny or busy, details can be lost or give a dizzy effect on camera.  Bethany loved vibrant patterns so this was one of the the things I helped her with. Choosing larger bolder patterns vs. the smaller floral ones.

Accessories are an extension of your personality so with each look I asked Bethany how she felt when she wore the outfit and tried to match accessories that invoked the same emotions.

Completing each look we made sure she had:

  • Top & Bottom (or Dress)
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Flow: Meaning every item in the outfit looks like it goes together, nothing is clashing or screaming “Look at me!”

We styled a total of six looks for Bethany, taking pictures of each look so she would remember what went together and which accessories went with each outfit.   I also shared this album with Kelly so she could see what we had pulled together and see what had inspired us.

With the outfits we styled and the magic of Kelly’s photography, you will see Bethany’s photos show her edgy sophistication, artsy creativity, natural beauty and vibrant personality.


~ Wardrobe Stylist, Ashley Roda

Link to Bethany’s Pinterest Board:



If you are interested in working with Ashley to help you prepare for your senior session, please contact me at – and check out her website at


Dylan & Ian – Llamas and Records and Sun Flare, Oh My!

So here’s the thing – I’ve known Dylan and Ian since they were in middle school.  And while I’ve known they are best buds who share a true love of music (if you haven’t heard them perform together as MisterieBox . or Ian as Wawlrus, you’re missing out!), I’ve also known that Dylan in particular also had a special place in his heart for llamas. So I conspired with Ian and a number of Dylan’s friends to craft a bit of a surprise for his senior session.  Prior to heading to our planned destination, I told the guys we were going to shoot in a nearby field.  Now, truth be told, I KNEW there was no way these two wanted field shots, but under the guise of doing something nice for their moms, they complied.

So when we pulled up to the “field,” it only took a few seconds before Dylan realized we’d pulled up instead to a llama farm!  The look on his face was priceless, but even moreso when he stepped out of the car, came face-to-face with his first llama of the day, and the animal decided to SPIT right in his FACE!  I was mortified, but Dylan and all of his friends were DYING cracking up.  Phew – okay, so session saved.

We had a fantastic time getting to know the llamas (Ida was our favorite) and shooting around before we headed downtown to a local record store where we played, and interacted – okay, laughed our backsides off – with other shoppers in the store.  Working with these two on this shoot will probably go down as one of my favorite sessions of all time.  What an amazing memory! I’m so glad to know these two young men and can’t wait to see where their talent leads them!

And by the way- a HUGE thanks to my Class of 2019 Model, Eleanor, who made this session possible!


Nikki & Friends Celebrate College Decision Day

It’s May 1st – so most seniors know this is the day to make final college decisions!  Nikki has been one of my most active models this year, helping me build my business and shooting with me when I had wild, inspired ideas. I’ve loved working with her all year, so when she told me she had decided on her college and wanted to take some photos to celebrate the occasion, I was more than willing to work with her and a couple of her beautiful friends.  As you can see from the giggles, we definitely had our share of fun in the studio …  And in the meantime, scrolling down below you’ll also be able to peek at some of my favorite shots from her amazing summer session last year where we traveled to St. John’s for sunflowers and sunset bridge shots.  I’ll miss working with you, Nikki, but know that you’ll have an amazing year at CSU!

Payton’s All-American Beauty Session

With the promise of sun back in this week’s forecast, I thought it seemed appropriate to share highlights from one of our warmest, sunniest sessions last season. All Payton wanted was sunflowers. Lots and lots of sunflowers.  So we found sunflowers for this blond beauty with the world’s greatest smile ! Seriously, we had such a phenomenal time working with Patyon, and loved how many people (okay, cute guys) stopped me to ask if she was a model.  How could I say anything other than YES, because – look at her!  Her playful spirit and joyful laugh just made the entire shoot a true delight. I loved having Payton on my team – and am so excited for her to take on her next adventure!  Hugs to you, gorgeous girl! XOXO