Matthew | Class of 2018 Oregon City Senior Session

I’m celebrating the time to finally share highlights from my Class of 2018 senior sessions – Last year was one of the busiest and most productive years of my life, and I had the chance to work with so many incredible students.  I’ve worked with Matt’s family since his older sister was one of my Class of 2015 models, and this year a model rep, we had a chance to work together a few times, including on our Dutch Bros. shoot. When it was time for his session, he just knew he wanted an urban, colorful experience. I’d say we hit every mark – and that hair of his made the whole thing really pop.  Matt, I’m SO glad you’ve been part of my crew this year … I adore you and your whole family!


A Little #SeniorSunday Movie Magic

For this #SeniorSunday, I HAD to feature one of my most student-driven sessions, inspired entirely by St. Mary’s Class of 2017 senior, Maggie and her love for vintage styling, classic movies, and lust for life.  She and I collaborated for quite some time prior to her session, talking about locations, looks and moods, and she built a fantastic Pinterest vision board to help the whole concept come together.

We had the most spectacular time working throughout Portland and once, stopping traffic (and perhaps having the authorities a bit on alert) when we used a smoke grenade downtown for some of her photos.   Maggie and I share a love of black and white movies and movie posters, so we leveraged a hotel BATHROOM – of all places – in order to get the mirror shots. We then moved outside and despite it being broad daylight, put some flashes to work to create a night-time, shadowy look.  And then we just walked and let the city inspire us both!

I LOVE collaborating with my seniors and helping them craft a truly customized, one-of-a-kind shoot complete with special effects, if they want. If you’re still in the market for senior photos, contact me SOON!  I have a few September dates left, and then we’re booking either mini sessions or into October …

Enjoy checking out the movie magic that was Maggie’s shoot! Beauty

Depot Barber Shop | An Oregon City Institution

The Meyer Building in Oregon City – where my studio is located – was built in the late 1800’s and has housed everything from a bank, to a newspaper, to a sheriff’s office.   It doesn’t take a wild imagination to picture my office predecessors walking out our doors, and around the corner to visit the Depot Barber Shop, which has been servicing customers for nearly 100 years and looks as if it was frozen in time.  Poised just beneath the Oregon City elevator, the state’s oldest barber shop still boasts its signature red-white and blue rotating pole outside, a collection of original razors inside, and the animated banter you would have expected a century ago.

Everything about the Depot feels like a charming throwback.  The owner Al and his cohort, Dean, are equally witty and curmudgeonly. As it’s been historically, no appointments are required or accepted … the place is walk-in only, and during my short time there, that’s exactly what happened: men walked in, were greeted by name with a smile, and told to hold tight while they finished up with their current customer. It felt like “Cheers.” Guys sat and talked, read the paper, and laughed, and for a brief moment I felt privileged to experience an inside peek at this charming men’s “club.” (Women are welcome, of course!)

Next time you’re in “The O.C.” stop by and say hi. I guarantee you that you’ll feel welcome, and you’ll get a fantastic cut in the process.


Oregon City’s Place in the Kentucky Derby | You Can Leave Your Hat On

Now that I have a studio on Oregon City’s historic Main Street, I’m a proud member of the Downtown Oregon City Alliance (and you know that’s saying something, as a girl who was raised in its biggest rival town of West Linn!) To help kick off my relationship with my town, I’m meeting with business owners throughout the region and am LOVING the chance to talk with them as I take photos for the Alliance and for their businesses.  Truly, I’ve fallen madly and deeply in love with my newly adopted town, and have met some of the most spectacular entrepreneurs whose businesses are as enchanting as the people who run them.

Speaking of enchanting – let me tell you about Sandra of You Can Leave Your Hat On.  This charismatic, joyful woman has created a store that is an absolute destination for anyone who wants to have their own little piece of the Kentucky Derby.  Her store is filled to the brim (yeah, yeah, sorry) with some of the most gorgeous, elaborate, and Derby-worthy hats that you’ve ever seen.  From wide-brimmed, couture toppers finished in gossamer chiffon, to feather-capped fascinators, to the most spectacular straw or felt hats any young woman would want in her wardrobe, Sandra’s got the accessory for you.

I’m so grateful to my models Natalie and Alexis for showing off these gorgeous hats.  And to my darling photo assistant, Landrey, I’m so glad I managed to get a couple pics of you in the process!

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And Away She Goes | West Linn Photographer

Kennedy signed up as one of my first models when I broke into senior photography.  She joined me nearly three years ago and helped me on countless projects, while I tried to figure out my style and my techniques. Today, I said goodbye to this gorgeous young lady as she gets ready to start her next adventure at Oregon State University. (And boy, did we manage to capture some beautiful shots in the five minutes we had together?) I’m going to miss her, and all of my beautiful Class of 2015 model reps.  Here’s to an amazing time in Beaver Nation, Ken. Love you bunches!

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