Bailey’s Powell Books Senior Session | Gresham HS

I was SUCH a reader in high school – that was my escape.  I love love love books. So when Bailey told me she shared that passion, our photo destination was pretty much immediately evident. Powell’s Book Store, here we come!

She and I had such fun picking out books with titles that told her story, and that made us laugh.  People in and around the store were so kind to us, and allowed us to play and experiment by shooting in different parts of the store.  Then we managed to time our departure to catch perfect Golden Hour light in the heart of downtown Portland.  And her rocker glam style just put the session over the top.  Bailey – you were a fabulous model with the BEST laugh ever, and I will never forget the sight of you just strutting’ your stuff for our shoot.  You were an absolute natural in front of the camera. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your senior year!


Those Eyes! | Zach’s West Linn Senior Session

Like most guys I know, Zach wanted to keep his session short and simple.  So even though we did hit a few different locations and he managed to get in a few quick wardrobe changes … We spent enough time and enough energy to make sure we had a great variety of photos for his family to enjoy, but not so much time that we tested Zach’s patience. He was so fantastic and willing to work with me – which made the process fun and painless for everyone!  I have to admit, with eyes and cheekbones like his, it was pretty hard to mess up his shots – he is definitely what they call in the industry, “camera friendly!”  Thanks so much, Zach, for letting me take your pics – and for making your folks happy with what we created!


She Just Blooms: West Linn Emily’s Senior Session

I know there’s a recurring theme to many of my posts, but it’s no coincidence that I’ve known Emily since she was a very little girl, because back in grade school, Emily and my daughter Alexis were friends, so I have had the pleasure of knowing Emily and her family for many years.   I took photos for her gorgeous sister, Hailey, a few years ago, and now it was time for Emily to be in front of my lens for the first time in nearly a decade.  It was hard for me at first to shake off the memories of the little girl I knew, but it was hard to escape the absolutely sweet and gorgeous young woman she’d become.

Given her favorite quote, it seemed only appropriate that we shot her photos around fields of beautiful blossoms. “Remember this: a flower does not think of comparing itself to the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

As have you, Emily! Thank you for letting me help you capture this time of your life. It seemed like the perfect bookend to the funny, silly pics I have of you when you were a little girl.  And don’t worry – I won’t share those here!  🙂

Mary’s Mini Session | West Linn Senior Photos

I’ve been such a fan of Mary’s for so long!  She’s such a talented performer, and it’s been a delight to watch her on stage (did you SEE Spamalot? 🙂 and also get to know her in person.   For her senior photos, Mary wanted something simple, beautiful and natural – so we met at George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego and took advantage of the beautiful foliage to create a backdrop for her very romantic style.  Proof yet again that gorgeous photos can be created in mere minutes, with the right planning. It doesn’t hurt that Mary also slays in the makeup department. Could her lips, eyebrows and highlights be more on point?  Beautiful!

Emily Martin | Photojournalist Lands on the Other Side of the Lens

I am so lucky to work with students who are both beautiful and exceptionally talented.  Case in point: last month, Emily Martin was named Oregon Journalist of the Year by the Oregon Journalism Education Association …  I was jumping up and down for her when I heard her news.  I also had a thought:  “hmm… a journalist might want to write about her own session, huh?”  Fortunately, she answered in the affirmative, so I’ll hand over the copy to her from here:

My experiences with Kelly have been nothing but positive and fun! After my senior portrait session with her, it became evident that she would become more than just my amazing senior portrait photographer; but a friend.

Being a photographer myself, I was very nervous about being in front of the camera, but Kelly knew that before we even started. She made me feel very comfortable and the shoot was one of the highlights of my summer because of how fun it was. She picked the PERFECT locations for me even after only meeting me one time prior, which still continues to blow me away.

My roommate in the fall, Maddy Itschner, was a senior rep for Kelly and the two of them generously thought to include me. The shoot was so so fun and I went to parts of Portland that I’ve never been before. Spending time with Kelly is never boring and the end results are outstanding. 

THANK YOU so much, Emily! I adore working with you and am so excited to hear what you do with your amazing career!