Cody | Class of 2018 Senior Model Sessions

The first time I met Cody, I think he was about 14 years old and we were doing headshots that his talent agency needed for booking commercial gigs.  Since then, thanks to friends and football, I’ve come to know and adore him personally.  Cody is one of those people who just make you smile and who you KNOW is destined for greatness … Seriously!  He’s a talented athlete (football and lacrosse, among others), a performer (he’s landed commercial advertising gigs galore), friend (I’ve seen how many people love him) and this year, spokesmodel for Kelly Mooney Photography.  I’ve been so lucky to have him on my team and will miss him terribly when he heads off to OSU, but I know I’ll have a chance to see his smiling face again and often when he’s home !

I asked Cody to jot down his thoughts about being one of the male models on my team, and he was kind enough (shocker! haha) to share this with me:

Working with Kelly has been one of my favorite high school experiences. I made some great new friends and had so much fun along the way. Her favorite shots are the authentic ones where she catches us goofing around and being ourselves which I really love. I’ve enjoyed every second of being on Kelly’s team and wish that I could do it again.

Ditto, Cody!  Thank you for making this such a special year for me!



Bailey’s Powell Books Senior Session | Gresham HS

I was SUCH a reader in high school – that was my escape.  I love love love books. So when Bailey told me she shared that passion, our photo destination was pretty much immediately evident. Powell’s Book Store, here we come!

She and I had such fun picking out books with titles that told her story, and that made us laugh.  People in and around the store were so kind to us, and allowed us to play and experiment by shooting in different parts of the store.  Then we managed to time our departure to catch perfect Golden Hour light in the heart of downtown Portland.  And her rocker glam style just put the session over the top.  Bailey – you were a fabulous model with the BEST laugh ever, and I will never forget the sight of you just strutting’ your stuff for our shoot.  You were an absolute natural in front of the camera. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your senior year!

Maya | West Linn Class of 2018 Downtown Portland Session

The moment Maya sent me photos of her planned wardrobe for her senior pictures, I knew we were in for some fun.  Once she showed me the eggplant jumpsuit, my search was on for locations that would complement her look and allow her to shine.  Who knew that in addition to finding some fabulous locations, we’d be blessed with some of the most magical light I’d seen all year.  One of her photos – against the yellow wall with the crazy light reflections surrounding her – was responsible for helping me land a photo agency that now represents my commercial photography ventures. Needless to say, the planned styling and the amazing energy she brought to the shoot made for a series of photos that just leap off the page.

I also loved the unexpected gift of the man who passed through our shoot only to deliver Maya the single most gorgeous, huge hydrangea bloom I’d ever seen .. which she carried with her for the duration of the shoot.

Keep Portland Kind, right?

Thank you, Maya, for also keeping Portland so stunning!



Kenna’ Sparkles | West Linn Senior Photos

Kenna was one of my first Class of 2018 Model Team applicants, and was the first model in front of my lens when the season began.  By the time we rolled around to shooting her official senior session, I’d already logged a couple of thousand photos of her between a BFF shoot with Abby, our Dutch Bros. -themed photoshoot (in the rain), and a lifestyle/commercial photoshoot that we shot downtown.  I know this girl’s sparkly smile so well!  And I know how gorgeous she looks when she’s just very much herself.  So for her session, we kept things beautifully  natural, shooting around West Linn and Lake Oswego, until the sun went down.  I loved that her sweet boyfriend joined us for a few shots at the end – they couldn’t be cuter together if they tried!

Kenna, you’ve been such a delight to have on my team and I’ll miss your smiling face next year!


Those Eyes! | Zach’s West Linn Senior Session

Like most guys I know, Zach wanted to keep his session short and simple.  So even though we did hit a few different locations and he managed to get in a few quick wardrobe changes … We spent enough time and enough energy to make sure we had a great variety of photos for his family to enjoy, but not so much time that we tested Zach’s patience. He was so fantastic and willing to work with me – which made the process fun and painless for everyone!  I have to admit, with eyes and cheekbones like his, it was pretty hard to mess up his shots – he is definitely what they call in the industry, “camera friendly!”  Thanks so much, Zach, for letting me take your pics – and for making your folks happy with what we created!