Sarah | Westview Chic, Corvette and Color Guard Senior Session

Sarah is anything but traditional.  This Westview senior marches to her own drummer (okay, okay – as a member of the school’s color guard, that’s a bad pun but truth as well!); she’s a special effects makeup artist, and her fashion screams “Street Chic.” For her session, she paired a big tulle skirt with graphic tees to create a feminine, edgy effect.  And then she took the session over the TOP by bringing in her Dad’s vintage convertible Corvette.  Could you just die?
If you want other ideas for how to make a tulle skirt look fashionable, check out this article HERE  and this Pinterest Board – they have some great styling tips!



Mitch’s Mini Shoot = Fantastic Senior Pics, Fast!

While so many of my senior sessions are thoroughly planned and involve multiple locations, not all sessions have to be so complicated!  Often times, guys especially just want to get in and get some great shots to make mom happy.  Mitch was actually someone who DID have a vision for his session, but shifting weather issues and schedules required us to reschedule multiple times. In the end, he opted to have me meet him at one of his favorite corners in Portland – a place that held special meaning to him.  It only took us about 20 minutes – and one city block – to still get a wonderful range of shots for him and his family to enjoy for years.

I definitely DO offer mini sessions that don’t require a lot of advanced planning. Just a chance for us to work together for a little bit, laugh together a lot, and capture some awesome pics in the meantime.  Since so many of my custom, multiple-location sessions already have booked up through the end of September, remember a mini session is always an option!

For those of you who want the full experience, please make sure to contact me ASAP, as dates are disappearing fast!



Jane Austen Meets Emma

I’m inspired by Jane Austen books and movies more than words can say. I have always loved reading her romantic tales, and have dreamed for years to create a session that channels her mood and sensibility. When I found out that Class of 2017 senior Emma was herself a Jane Austen fan, I could barely wait for her shoot.
Emma was such an absolutely magnificent model, who delivered on her theme with grace and stunning beauty.  I could go on and on about this wonderful young woman (and her amazing family) but in all honesty, there are just too many gorgeous photos to share. So let’s get to them …
I’d love to know if there’s a Class of 2018 senior who dreams of bringing their favorite literature to life in their session! Email me –
XOXO EMMA – Thank you for being such an inspiration!


Sophie Thornton

I’ve been so remiss in posting of late, and just have so many photos that are begging to be seen … Beautiful Sophie and I shot these dance pics MONTHS ago, but they still just make me smile every time I see them … Though I don’t have a graceful bone in my body, I absolutely adore working with dancers and capturing the beauty in their movements. This gorgeous girl really knows how to turn on a show when in the spotlight – I can’t wait to see what she does with her spectacular talent next!

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Friends of the Children | Portland Non-Profit

If you’ve never heard of Portland’s “Friends of the Children,” I promise you’ll want to check them out. I had the honor of capturing photos this week for the grand opening of their new center in Gresham, and adored watching how these beautiful kids lit up getting to experiment with science, try their hands at cooking, and meeting Portland Trailblazer mascot, Blaze … It’s nights like tonight when I know I’m in the right business. A huge shout out to my friend Amy for inviting me to be involved with this inspiring mentoring organization for vulnerable children!