#Throwback Thursday – Class of 2017 Style

Have you ever just had the stars align for you? When Kenzie told me that she dreamed one day to own a VW bus and that she just loved the whole boho look, I was a bit stymied. But I thought – let’s just see what social media can do.  Sure enough, I posted a quick question on my facebook page, inquiring to anyone who might have a Bus for us to borrow and sure enough – MINUTES later, a complete stranger here in West Linn not only was offering up his vintage ride, he was sending me his GARAGE CODE so I could get in and grab his keys to borrow it for our shoot.

Fortunately we still had a few days, so I was able to prepare Kenzie’s mom for the surprise that awaited her. The look on her face when she came around the corner at our session location was priceless. It meant the world to me that I could surprise this beauty with her dream car, and that we had a whole stylized senior session waiting for her.

We started her shoot with a quick family session, which was absolutely priceless (cue their perfect dog, who also knew how to pose!) and then quickly moved to the vintage Bus to start her shoot.

Kenzie, it was my absolute honor to work with you and your wonderful family. I had the most spectacular time and hope to see you the day  you buy your own classic VW. It’s only a matter of time!

2016-09-01_0001 2016-09-01_0002 2016-09-01_0003 2016-09-01_0004 2016-09-01_0005 2016-09-01_0006 2016-09-01_0007 2016-09-01_0008 2016-09-01_0009 2016-09-01_0010 2016-09-01_0011 2016-09-01_0012 2016-09-01_0013 2016-09-01_0014 2016-09-01_0015 2016-09-01_0016 2016-09-01_0017 2016-09-01_0020 2016-09-01_0021 2016-09-01_0022 2016-09-01_0023


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