Something to Make You Grin | Bliss Talent Agency Headshots

When I need something to make me smile, all I have to do is dive into my collection of client photos and I’ll always find joy.  Let me tell you, little could compare to the incredibly joyful session I had a few weeks back with this amazing duo.  Both Matthew and Michael are just the happiest, funniest and yet still wonderfully grounded young men.  The newest additions to the Bliss Talent Agency lineup not only were kind and gentlemanly as could be, but they also shared the most spectacular relationship with each other. It always warms my heart to see siblings get along so beautifully. (And it’s a testament to their parents, for sure!)

By the way, these two future heartbreakers also had some of the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen.  Agreed?

Thanks so much to Sherry at Bliss Talent Agency for sending the boys my way. I can’t wait to see what kind of gigs you line up for them!

For information about scheduling talent headshots, please email me at

2016-07-08_0001 2016-07-08_0002 2016-07-08_0003 2016-07-08_0004 2016-07-08_0005 2016-07-08_0006 2016-07-08_0007 2016-07-08_0008 2016-07-08_0009 2016-07-08_0010 2016-07-08_0011 2016-07-08_0012 2016-07-08_0013 2016-07-08_0014 2016-07-08_0015 2016-07-08_0016 2016-07-08_0017 2016-07-08_0018 2016-07-08_0019 2016-07-08_0020


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