Romance Meets Finance | Charlene Quaresma NW Mutual

I hate talking about money. Don’t get me wrong. I love money – of course I do. But I’ve never been a math wizard and just sitting down to make a budget can mess with my nerves.  Combine that with the need to talk about and plan finances with my husband, and … well … you know what they say about the number-one stressor in a marriage, right?

Charlene Quaresma to the rescue.

I met Charlene from Northwestern Mutual last year at a women’s conference and was instantly struck by how comfortable she made me feel.  Everything about Charlene’s body language conveyed a judgement-free approach.  Soon it became evident that she just wants to help clients achieve the kind of financial stability she knows is their due.

With my husband’s buy-in, I made an appointment. She met with us at our home, and in little time helped us make some major updates to our financial planning, peacefully and with a ton of laughter. Nearing the end of our appointment, I found out more about Charlene’s background. Sure enough, before she became a financial advisor, she earned her degree in consumer psychology, and spent years as a romantic counselor as well. No wonder she can work such magic with couples!

“So many of my clients know that they need to sit down and answer the hard questions, but they’re either afraid or don’t know where to start,” she explained. “I help people have the scary conversations that, when mixed with humor and knowledge, can really bring  sense of relief.” Sure enough, that’s why so many of Charlene’s conversations start with a handshake and end with a hug.

I’m so glad to have Charlene on our side.  Needless to say, I also had a delightful time really capturing the essence of her infectious personality (and her slammin’ vintage chic style!) in her small business photo shoot.  You can imagine that she, her assistant Emilee and I all had a pretty raucous time working together.

If you’re looking for some fantastic financial advice, I’m telling you – Charlene’s your gal! She’s hosting a “Romance without Finance” workshop for couples tomorrow night and still has a few seats available.  Check out her flyer below.

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Romance without Finance (003)

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