Ireland in the Garden(s) | West Linn Class of 2016

When Ireland’s eyes are smiling – there’s not a lot that can compare.  In addition to being a truly stunning young woman, Ireland is also one of the kindest and also most talented athletes who has rocked the softball field for years now.  And as a model for my team, she’s also been a huge asset to me, as she’s directly helped me build my business throughout the past few years.  She would kill me if I posted one of the first photos I took of her, but I think it was sometime back in her middle school days.  (Trust me when I tell you – she was darling then too!) I am just so lucky to know her and her family, and LOVED that she and I were able to share a few different shoots together this past year.

Below are some recent photos she and I took together in a local garden.  Below that, you’ll see some highlights from her stunning Portland Rose Garden senior session we shot last September.

Love you, sweet girl!  OSU will be so lucky to have you next year!

By the way, Class of 2017 – now is the time to book your senior sessions! Email me at to get a list of my open dates.

2016-05-08_0019 2016-05-08_0020 2016-05-08_0021 2016-05-08_0022 2016-05-08_0023 2016-05-08_0024 2016-05-08_0025 2016-05-08_0026 2016-05-08_0027 2016-05-08_0028 2016-05-08_0029 2016-05-08_0030 2016-05-08_0031 2016-05-08_0032 2016-05-08_0033 2016-05-08_0034 2016-05-08_0035 2016-05-08_0036 2016-05-08_0037


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