Depot Barber Shop | An Oregon City Institution

The Meyer Building in Oregon City – where my studio is located – was built in the late 1800’s and has housed everything from a bank, to a newspaper, to a sheriff’s office.   It doesn’t take a wild imagination to picture my office predecessors walking out our doors, and around the corner to visit the Depot Barber Shop, which has been servicing customers for nearly 100 years and looks as if it was frozen in time.  Poised just beneath the Oregon City elevator, the state’s oldest barber shop still boasts its signature red-white and blue rotating pole outside, a collection of original razors inside, and the animated banter you would have expected a century ago.

Everything about the Depot feels like a charming throwback.  The owner Al and his cohort, Dean, are equally witty and curmudgeonly. As it’s been historically, no appointments are required or accepted … the place is walk-in only, and during my short time there, that’s exactly what happened: men walked in, were greeted by name with a smile, and told to hold tight while they finished up with their current customer. It felt like “Cheers.” Guys sat and talked, read the paper, and laughed, and for a brief moment I felt privileged to experience an inside peek at this charming men’s “club.” (Women are welcome, of course!)

Next time you’re in “The O.C.” stop by and say hi. I guarantee you that you’ll feel welcome, and you’ll get a fantastic cut in the process.


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