Oregon City’s Place in the Kentucky Derby | You Can Leave Your Hat On

Now that I have a studio on Oregon City’s historic Main Street, I’m a proud member of the Downtown Oregon City Alliance (and you know that’s saying something, as a girl who was raised in its biggest rival town of West Linn!) To help kick off my relationship with my town, I’m meeting with business owners throughout the region and am LOVING the chance to talk with them as I take photos for the Alliance and for their businesses.  Truly, I’ve fallen madly and deeply in love with my newly adopted town, and have met some of the most spectacular entrepreneurs whose businesses are as enchanting as the people who run them.

Speaking of enchanting – let me tell you about Sandra of You Can Leave Your Hat On.  This charismatic, joyful woman has created a store that is an absolute destination for anyone who wants to have their own little piece of the Kentucky Derby.  Her store is filled to the brim (yeah, yeah, sorry) with some of the most gorgeous, elaborate, and Derby-worthy hats that you’ve ever seen.  From wide-brimmed, couture toppers finished in gossamer chiffon, to feather-capped fascinators, to the most spectacular straw or felt hats any young woman would want in her wardrobe, Sandra’s got the accessory for you.

I’m so grateful to my models Natalie and Alexis for showing off these gorgeous hats.  And to my darling photo assistant, Landrey, I’m so glad I managed to get a couple pics of you in the process!

2016-05-07_0005 2016-05-07_0004

2016-05-07_0001 2016-05-07_0002 2016-05-07_0003   2016-05-07_0006


2016-05-07_00152016-05-07_0009 2016-05-07_0010 2016-05-07_00112016-05-07_00072016-05-07_0012 2016-05-07_0013



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