Broadway Bound | Portland Headshot Photography

I wrapped up 2016 with the most fun shoot, featuring the most gorgeous and fun young woman! Tootsie is an actress who is heading east to pursue her acting career, and I was the lucky photographer who was selected to take her new headshots.  With the weather being as tricky as it’s been here lately, I was worried we wouldn’t be able to shoot outside as I’d hoped; but we managed to capture a brief window.  And that’s all she needed – because MAN does she know how to deliver the charisma in front of the camera.  I loved working with her, and adored having her wonderful mother join us for the session.

If you’re in the market for new headshots, let’s talk! I have some great – and affordable – packages that include both the session/shooting time and high-resolution digital images that you can use, reproduce and share online and in print.  Contact me today at and let me know how I can help update your personal brand!


2016-01-07_0001 2016-01-07_0002 2016-01-07_0003 2016-01-07_0004 2016-01-07_0005 2016-01-07_0006 2016-01-07_0007 2016-01-07_0008 2016-01-07_0009 2016-01-07_0010 2016-01-07_0011 2016-01-07_0012


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