The Pride of West Linn: Lion Football

Before we were deep into this football season, our town knew that we had a team unlike any we’ve seen in generations – or ever, for that matter. Watching their early performances, it was evident that the talent was in place and that it was in the right hands in the form of Head Coach Chris Miller, as well as many of the team’s other spectacular coaches and trainers.

Sure enough – a week after these incredible young men placed second overall in state – we learned yesterday that seven – SEVEN – of our young athletes were named to the 2015 Oregon All-Star Team.  As the team’s sideline photographer (and as their  Center’s aunt), I could not have been more excited or proud.

And speaking of, I also was extraordinarily proud to have been asked to shoot the cover for West Linn Living Magazine’s November issue . Five of our Friday Night heroes were featured – all of whom have since been named as All-League, and three of whom were among the seven named to the All-Star Team.

If you have a chance, read their great story written by local writer Mike Maloney, here (it may take a minute to load):


And guys, thank you for giving this town such a thrilling reason to come together and celebrate. You did us all proud.






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