Zombie Day | A Portland Film Festival Event

Every once in a while, I love stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something completely different. Yesterday, I escorted my daughter and her BFFs to Zombie Day – a Portland Film Festival Event that may have successfully beat the official Guinness Book of World Records for the most extras in a movie short.  (My girl and her friends were among those extras!) It was a fantastic day with some amazing shooting opportunities.  Cannot wait to see the official film when it releases!

2015-09-08_0001 2015-09-08_0002 2015-09-08_0003 2015-09-08_0004 2015-09-08_0005 2015-09-08_0006 2015-09-08_0007 2015-09-08_0008 2015-09-08_0009 2015-09-08_0010 2015-09-08_0011 2015-09-08_0012 2015-09-08_0013 2015-09-08_0014 2015-09-08_0015 2015-09-08_0016 2015-09-08_0017 2015-09-08_0018 2015-09-08_0019 2015-09-08_0020 2015-09-08_0021 2015-09-08_0022 2015-09-08_0023 2015-09-08_0024 2015-09-08_0025 2015-09-08_0026 2015-09-08_0027 2015-09-08_0028


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