The Dancer | West Linn Photographer

I have never been a dancer. I have no dance skills whatsoever. So I cannot explain my utter fascinating with dancing and dance photography, other than to say that I’m so drawn to the synergy of both grace and strength.  I think dancing represents all that I love about being female: that you can be ethereal and powerful all at once.  Today, the absolutely beautiful Megan joined me in my studio to model for me, and I am so blown away by all that she delivered with her talent.  This young woman is so strong and beautiful in so many ways – as is her absolutely wonderful mother, Laura. I’m honored to know them, and so grateful that they would share part of this lovely and blustery day with me.  Hugs to you both. We’ll definitely be doing this again soon, I hope!

2015-08-29_0001 2015-08-29_0002 2015-08-29_0003 2015-08-29_0004 2015-08-29_0005 2015-08-29_0006 2015-08-29_0007 2015-08-29_0008 2015-08-29_0009 2015-08-29_0010 2015-08-29_0011 2015-08-29_0012 2015-08-29_0013 2015-08-29_0014 2015-08-29_0016 2015-08-29_0017 2015-08-29_0018 2015-08-29_0019 2015-08-29_0020 2015-08-29_0021 2015-08-29_0022 2015-08-29_0023 2015-08-29_0024



One thought on “The Dancer | West Linn Photographer

  1. These are phenomenal! The dancer is beyond grace and wonderfully strong, and once again you captured the essence and spirit of the beauty and hard work of this young lady. Salute!

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