Keeping Portland Francesca’s – Our Class of 2016 Senior Rep Event!


I love absolutely everything about Portland … Its culture, its food, its quirkiness. This is just an amazingly colorful and exciting place to live. And it turns out that a passion for our town is something that I share with my beautiful, funny and talented Class of 2016 Senior Reps. So when it came time to plan our photo shoot, it didn’t take all of us long to fall to the same conclusion: Let’s celebrate Portland.

To add to the event, I was fortunate enough to have my friend Mary Tarbell, of Style Therapy, connect me with the spectacular staff at Francesca’s Boutique – a clothing store in Bridgeport Village in Tigard, with other locations throughout the greater Portland area. My daughter has been in love with the store forever, and I am a HUGE fan of its boho-chic style.  When Mary introduced me to Bailey at the Bridgeport Store.. well, that’s when the magic really happened.

A lot of planning, meetings and in-store fittings later, we finally met this week at my studio where the talented Lisa Haymore of Allure Beauty, and Kiera Bolden of Faces by Kiera MUA worked to give each model the most spectacular hair and makeup styling so they were perfectly camera ready.

At last, with the help of my four beautiful assistants, we all set off for downtown to tackle Powell’s Bookstore, the Food Truck scene, Voo Doo Donuts, Portland State University and the riverfront near OMSI … all in the name of Keeping Portland Francesca’s.

And to my beautiful, incredibly talented friend/assistant Kenzie Johnson, who created this spectacular video that opens our scene – I don’t know how to thank you for all the beautiful segments you captured, edited and prepared … before we’d even made it home! You are AMAZING!

I don’t know about you, but I think we did our town justice.  What do you think?

CLASS OF 2016: Summer sessions are nearly booked and fall is starting to fill up …The time is now to schedule your session! Please email me at for information, or please make sure to speak with one of my beautiful reps to get a few exclusive offers! 

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