Jody’s Headshot Session | Portland Headshot Photographer

More and more, the headshot has become one of the most critical parts of a job search or of client outreach.  I love having the opportunity to help clients create images that will make a great, solid impact at the first impression.  And now I am so lucky to tap into a program that delivers measurable feedback on how well a photo is received.  Jody is such a sweet, kind and approachable woman that it comes as no surprise she ranked so high on all the markers; what I love is that solid photography can capture and convey someone’s essence – and do so in a way that can open doors.

Please let me know if I can help you with your new headshots! I’d love to help.  And Jody, thanks for being such a fabulous model during our session!

2015-06-07_0007 2015-06-07_0008 2015-06-07_0009 2015-06-07_0010 2015-06-07_0011 2015-06-07_0012 JodyPhotoFeeler




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