A BFF Session | West Linn Senior Photographer

There’s no one in the world like a best friend to bring out your most genuine smiles.  And this session last fall with the gorgeous Lindsay and Maria are such proof of that.  These two wanted to celebrate both their friendship and their love of Portland. So we struck out to take in the colors and eclectic beauty of our lovely, “weird” city.  And to this day, I still can’t help but smile when I see these awesome shots. (It didn’t hurt that we also snuck in some sushi together after our session ended!)

Class of 2016 – the summer schedule is now open and sessions are limited.  Best of all, if you bring along your BFF, you BOTH receive a 20% discount off of your session fee.

If you’d like to work with me to create a FUN, memorable BFF photo session, email me today at kelly@kellymooneyphotography.com.

2015-05-12_0001 2015-05-12_0002 2015-05-12_0003 2015-05-12_0004 2015-05-12_0005 2015-05-12_0006 2015-05-12_0007 2015-05-12_0008 2015-05-12_0009 2015-05-12_0010 2015-05-12_0011 2015-05-12_0012 2015-05-12_0013 2015-05-12_0014 2015-05-12_0015 2015-05-12_0016 2015-05-12_0017 2015-05-12_0018 2015-05-12_0019 2015-05-12_0020 2015-05-12_0021 2015-05-12_0022 2015-05-12_0023 2015-05-12_0024 2015-05-12_0025 2015-05-12_0026 2015-05-12_0027 2015-05-12_0028


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