Meet the Class of 2016 Model Team: Jasmine & Sierra

When I first connected with Sierra and Jasmine online during my search for Class of 2016 spokesmodels, I thought I’d never be able to differentiate between the two of them in person.  But that concern vaporized the moment I met them.  Despite their very similar appearances, you’d be hard-pressed to find twins more opposite in personality than these two stunning young women.  It took mere moments to see that Jasmine (West Linn High School) was all things sweet and romantic, and Sierra (West Side Christian High School) was all about sass and attitude.  Of course, they both deliver on modeling – the proof is in their photos, which we knocked out in about 20 minutes!  But I’m so excited that I will get the chance to know these utterly unique ladies as the first members of this year’s model team.

I can’t wait to see what kind of beautiful work we all create together next!

2015-03-07_0010 2015-03-07_0011 2015-03-07_0012 2015-03-07_0013 2015-03-07_0015 2015-03-07_0016 2015-03-07_0017 2015-03-07_0018




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