Portland 2015 Wizard World ComicCon

There’s  no better people watching in the WORLD than at ComicCon… Thank heavens my daughter and her friends are cosplay fans, because it gives me a great excuse to capture the creative and entertaining range of costumes that are on parade all weekend long. I’ll admit I spent most of my visit tucked comfortably in the coffee shop with my laptop, but for the hour that I did walk the floor, there was no shortage of great photo subjects.

Fess up – if you could be any comic character, who would it be?

I’m too predictable. Wonder Woman is a slam dunk. Unless we’re talking about the Wonder Woman we ran into during the convention, in which case … I’ll come up with an alternative!

2015-01-25_0001 2015-01-25_0002 2015-01-25_0003 2015-01-25_0004 2015-01-25_0005 2015-01-25_0006 2015-01-25_0007 2015-01-25_0008 2015-01-25_0009 2015-01-25_0010 2015-01-25_0011 2015-01-25_0012 2015-01-25_0013 2015-01-25_0014


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