Little White Corvette | West Linn Senior Photographer

Things have been so busy since the high school senior season that I’ve not had a chance to blog about my sessions … and now that I’m getting ready to open my first photo studio (! YEAH !) I’m wanting to take a little time to reflect back on the amazing students whose photos I had the privilege of shooting.  Here’s the first of many to come …

To say Alec is going places is an understatement. This young man has some serious plans for his future, which could or could not involve everything from finance to politics. And to know Alec is to believe he’ll make whatever he dreams a reality.  I loved every minute of shooting with this West Linn Senior  – from his infectious smile and charisma to the use of his Dad’s fantastic vintage Corvette, we had just too many great looks to choose from.  Alec, thank you for allowing me to freeze this moment before you take off and conquer the world!

2015-01-08_0001 2015-01-08_0002 2015-01-08_0003 2015-01-08_0004 2015-01-08_0005 2015-01-08_0006 2015-01-08_0007 2015-01-08_0008 2015-01-08_0009 2015-01-08_0010



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