Family Sessions | West Linn Family Photographer

If I try writing about my brother, his amazing wife Shannon and their two remarkable kids, Connor & Katie, I get a little emotional. I’m so proud of what they have created and the adults they are raising. Mike & Shan and the kids amaze me with their committment to thier community and their church; with the business Mike has built; with the strides Shannon’s making for her team as the West Linn Cheer Coach; and with Connor and Katie’s extraordinary accomplishments both academically and athletically.

As close as we all live, we don’t get nearly enough time together (in my opinion). Fortunately, though, a couple of times a year we are able to escape together as families to the Oregon Coast for a little R&R, dune climbing and perhaps beer/wine drinking. (Just a little). When we were there most recently, I also snagged them to take a few family photos. And I love the way they turned out – it’s just so very THEM! (Especially the photo with Katie leading the way … )

I can’t say enough without saying too much, so I’ll just sign off by saying to the other half of this “Malooney” blended crew that I love you all very much!

Oh – and I should note: I’m booking family sessions right now for holiday cards. If you’re interested, please email me at !



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