Bright & Bubbly | Gladstone Senior Photographer

I met my Senior Rep for Gladstone High School back when she was starting her junior year – and absolutely adored her from the start. Stephanie has the most infectious smile and darling attitude; she’s got the sweetest laugh (and she’s always laughing); she’s a youth cheerleading coach and a great friend to so many wonderful people. And her family are now some of my favorite people in the world.

I Heart Faces

When it came time to plan her senior session, I KNEW we had to make it bright and colorful and as full of life as she is.  When I suggested we head to the local amusement park, she jumped at the chance.  And WOW – the combination of beautiful weather and Stephanie’s captivating smile just blew me away.  Best of all, her whole family joined us and we capped off her session with a few group photos.

And now the team at I Heart Faces is looking for Bright & Vivid submissions.  I just couldn’t resist sharing this session now, for that very reason!

Love ya, Steph – you are beautiful on the inside & out!




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