Kylie | West Linn Photographer

In our hometown, Kylie is known as a survivor of the highest level … And indeed she is.  But beyond being a survivor, Kylie is one of the most delightful, outgoing, athletic and funny young women I’ve met … She, her beautiful mother Anne and friend Kennedy joined me last week for a combination headshot / lifestyle session, and all I know at this point is that Kylie needs to add “model” to all of the words used to describe her.  She absolutely delivered the most extraordinary range of looks with smiles, staredowns, sneers (upon request, only) and belly laughs to create a stunning assortment of photos for her portfolio.  Kylie, you know I had the time of my life working with you … Thank you for letting me capture the beauty that absolutely radiates from your inside, out!

KylieBlog1 KylieBlog2 KylieBlog3 KylieBlog4 KylieBlog5 KylieBlog6 KylieBlog7 KylieBlog8 KylieBlog9 KylieBlog10 KylieBlog11 KylieBlog12 KylieBlog13 KylieBlog14


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