Fairy Cinderella | West Linn Senior Photographer

I love to think that everyone has a little fairy godmother in them.  A few weeks ago at our stylized Disney session, I discovered that the incredibly beautiful and talented makeup artist, Kiera Bolden of Faces by Keira, most definitely has some mad fairy godmother skills.  See, one of my beautiful models became ill on the day of our session.  Though I was in a panic (since I had planned a lot of my shoot around five models), I figured I’d just have to move forward without her and make the best of things.

I began working on location with a couple of my models on site while my amazing makeup and hairstyle team remained back at my home helping the other models get ready for their camera time.  Somehow, in my absence, they started chatting and ended up deciding that Kiera should step in and BE one of my models.  Fortunately I had a large wardrobe of dresses and accessories, so before I knew it, she showed up on location looking stunning and also looking every bit of the Cinderella I’d dreamed to shoot.

So to Kiera – my beautiful Cinderella-meets-Fairy-Godmother, thank you for being such a stunning princess. I love working with you as a makeup artist, and now will always love shooting you as a model too!

Kieraa1Kiera2 Kiera3 Kiera4 Kiera5 Kiera6 Kiera1 Kiera8 Kiera9 Kiera10



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