Behind the Scenes | West Linn Senior Photographer

A few weeks back I posted highlights from my first-ever stylized session featuring modern Disney Princesses.  This session was the culmination of endless dreaming, visioning, Pinterest pinning and thrift store shopping. More than that, though, it also marked the end of torturing my family with this concept.


By the time I finally brought together my models, stylists, makeup artists, I had pushed my own family to endure hours of dinner table speculation. “What if Snow White was a strong, independent woman without the prince? What if Tinkerbell had sass instead of innocence?” The list went on and on…

Scouting locations was a huge part of the process too.  When I stumbled upon the enchanting and enchanted Bosky Dell Nursery – in my own backyard no less – I literally whooped out loud.But I still needed to know how the location would shoot. That’s where my precious and patient daughter stepped in to help model and seek out the best light and locations on site.

Good – and hopefully great – photography is so much more that what appears on the screen or on your walls.  It’s work and planning – and in my case, a patient and understanding family – that makes all the behind-the-scenes effort so magical in the end.

LexBosky1 LexBosky3 LexBosky4 LexBosky5 LexBosky6 LexBosky7 LexBosky8 LexBosky9 LexBosky10 LexBosky11 LexBosky13 LexBosky16



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