Scenes from a Surprise Party| West Linn Photographer

I don’t want to suggest that I’m behind in my blogging or anything, but my daughter’s 14th birthday party took place about five weeks ago, and I’m just now getting around to editing her photos. Some mom I am, huh? That said, I had to share these at some point, if for no other reason than to thank all of her amazing friends who made her birthday so special.

Lexbday3See, a few weeks before we were set to celebrate, one of Alexis’ best friends texted me and told me that she and some others in their posse wanted to throw her a surprise party, and they wanted to know if they could host it at our house.  Flash forward a few weeks, and they’ve guided me to choose the theme, design the special touches (matching fedoras, masks, etc.), and they even convinced one of their mothers to make the most spectacular red velvet birthday cake you’ve ever had in your life! (THANK YOU SARAH!!)


On the day of the big surprise, the kids gathered here and DECORATED THE  HOUSE – yes they did! – while my wonderful mother took our girl out under the guise of shopping for new clothes.  Somehow, this huge group of kids managed to keep the secret to themselves for weeks.  So when Lex came walking through the door at last, the surprise was as genuine as any I’d ever seen.

We are so blessed to know our kids have found such spectacular people they can call friends!  A huge thanks to all of these great kids – and to my friend Sarah who helped bring the party to life.

LexBday4 LexBday5 LexBday6 LexBday7 LexBday8 LexBday9 LexBday10 LexBday11 LexBday12 LexBday13 LexBday14 LexBday15 LexBday16 LexBday17 Lexbday18 LexBday19 LexBday20 Lexbday22 LexBday24 LexBday25 LexBday26 LexBday27 LexBday28 LexBday29 LExBday30


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