Coach Maloney Rocks | West Linn Sports Photographer


Last summer, I had the pleasure of shooting the West Linn Cheer squad’s official team poster – and the woman I had to thank for that very fun gig was my incredible sister-in-law, Shannon Maloney.   Many years ago (I won’t say how long) when Shannon and my brother were dating, she was an Oregon Duck cheerleader known for her incredible stunting.  Years later, she became the stunt coach for Wilson High School, where she helped drive that school to become the fourth-best team in the nation in their category.  Today, I’m THRILLED to share that my amazing, inspiring, strong AND beautiful sister in law (yes – I do adore her that much) has been named head cheer coach for West Linn High School.

Shan, I couldn’t be more proud. And to the amazingly strong and talented athletes on her team: you’re fortunate to have such a caring and skilled coach to guide you.  It’s going to be a great year!

From the official announcement:

 “I am excited to announce Shannon Maloney as our new Cheerleading Coach for West Linn High School. Shannon comes to us with many years of experience in cheerleading. Shannon participated as a cheerleader while enrolled at the University of Oregon and has many years of coaching experience. While coaching at Wilson High School she helped guide her team to state championships and national finishes. Furthermore, Shannon has recently been associated as an assistant to Nikki Stroup where she has built strong relationships with our girls. I have no doubt that Shannon will be a great fit for the program moving forward!”





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