Stephanie | Class of 2015 | Gladstone Senior Photographer

Sometimes, the stars align to bring people into your life for a reason. Stephanie and her wonderful family fall into that category for me.  Through a series of extraordinary events and ironic timing, we all found one another to create some photos last year that held some real meaning for us.  At the time, I didn’t even have a senior program, but I told Stephanie it was in my plans and if I was able to pull it together in time, I’d love for her to be one of my first reps in the Gladstone/Oregon City area.

When it came time for us to do her rep session, I was so concerned; I wanted her images to be great, but it being early March in Portland, I was afraid the rain would chase us away.  But because she’s such a trooper, Stephanie and her BFF Monica not only pushed through the rain, but embraced it, and created some absolutely slammin’ shots in the process.

Steph, you are such a beautiful young woman and I’m so proud to have you on my team!

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