2014 Portland Shamrock Run | Portland Event Photographer

Today, our family joined the more than 35,000 tutu-wig-makeup-green-wearing Oregonians at the annual Portland Shamrock Run. I’ve lost count, but I believe this is at least the 10th consecutive year we’ve participated. Of course, as my maiden name is Maloney and I married a Mooney, it was pretty much a given that we celebrate the wearing o’ the green here, of all places, with our crew.

As always, the event delivered! We had the greatest time dancing, singing, watching the avid runners fly past us, and ultimately hitting the 5k walking course while touring our fantastic city.  We have an extraordinary family and are always so blessed to spend this time together.  This year I certainly missed my husband – who currently is traveling in Korea – and our 16-year old son who opted for sleep over the 6am wakeup call to catch our early morning MAX ride.  Nonetheless, we had a great showing and laughed all along the course. Erin Go Bragh, everyone! Enjoy your St. Patty’s Day!

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Shamrock1 Shamrock2 Shamrock3 Shamrock4 Shamrock5 Shamrock6 Shamrock7 Shamrock8 Shamrock9 Shamrock10 Shamrock11 Shamrock12


2 thoughts on “2014 Portland Shamrock Run | Portland Event Photographer

  1. I was there today with my wife! I had a leprechaun on my shoulder haha. I totally love these event runs.

    And … we rode the max down from Lloyd center. As we we getting to a downtown stop, a non-Shamrock runner was looking at the tuna packed cars and I saw her go, “OH MY GOD” as she saw all the people in green on it.

    The run was a blast … and I am glad you had a great time too. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the kind words! And congrats on your run – it sounds like you had a fantastic time. Wish I’d seen you and your leprechaun!

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