ActiveEDGE Wellness Center | West Linn Business Photography

They’ve rehabbed my son’s shoulder after he dislocated it in football.  They fixed my dad’s knees after a lifetime of sports injuries. They  helped my mom get her gait straight after a knee injury. My nephew? Yeah, they strengthened his overly-pronated ankles. As for me? Well, let’s see … Fixed a torn rotator cuff; rehabbed a knee after meniscus surgery and most recently, helped strengthen a weak hip.

Okay, so other than now knowing that our family is COMPLETELY genetically deficient – or that we’re just a big tribe of klutzes – you also know that the crew at ActiveEDGE know what they’re doing. Owners Dan and Melissa Morlan, who met and fell in love at physical therapy school and later opened their own PT office, recently have expanded into a 7,500 sq.ft., full fledged fitness and wellness center right here in West Linn.  With state-of-the-art equipment the likes of which even the OREGON DUCKS have come to covet, they have all the tools to help patients and walk-in clients alike achieve a holistic wellness balance that most of us had as children, but never fully appreciated until it was gone.

They offer classes, personal training, nutritional counseling, personal counseling and oh-so-much more. All new clients receive an extensive fitness test that is used to craft a customized fitness regiment that is do-able, and designed to make the process pain free and even enjoyable. And their staff happen to be some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet. Am I biased? You bet.  Is it with cause? Come see for yourself – you’ll never regret that visit!

ActiveEdge1 ActiveEdge2 ActiveEdge3 ActiveEdge4 ActiveEdge5 ActiveEdge6 ActiveEdge7 ActiveEdge8 ActiveEdge9 ActiveEdge10 ActiveEdge11 ActiveEdge12 ActiveEdge13


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