Alpine Mortgage | Portland Business Photography

Years ago, I had a great sales job near downtown Portland on Macadam Avenue.  I have the BEST memories of working there. My office had a gorgeous view of the Willamette River; I would have lunch with my friends at Cafe du Berry, the Fulton Pub or (this dates me …) Tequila Willie’s.  I also loved having instant access to the waterfront so I could meet my then-boyfriend-now-husband Rick to do a little waterskiing, or just go for a walk along the river.

I had a chance to re-live those days recently when I spent an afternoon with the wonderful staff at Alpine Mortgage. Their gorgeous offices, which have an absolutely majestic view of the Willamette, are designed for both function and lots of fun. (Yes, they have football jerseys and helmets from the Oregon Ducks and the OSU Beavers right in the staff lunch room … and I “may” have spotted a beer can in the fridge – I’m just sayin’). And based on my brief time with the crew there, you couldn’t help but see they all enjoy each other and obviously dig their job – and its location.

Oh yes – and they are locally owned.  You know I love that! Thanks for letting me crash your meeting, Alpine troops. I had a great time working with all of you!Alpine1 Alpine2 Alpine3 Alpine4 Alpine5 Alpine6 Alpine7 Alpine8 Alpine9 Alpine10 Alpine11 Alpine14


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