Union Gospel Mission Women’s Center | Portland Business Photography

Over the last two years, homelessness among women has gone up 22 percent, and at the same time government funding for long-term beds has gone down, and created a huge crisis.” —  LifeChange for Women and Their Children

Not long ago, I had the sincere honor of spending some time with my dear friend Stacy – the marketing director of Portland’s Union Gospel Mission.  For the past year, Stacy and her team have toiled over finding a building and creating the infrastructure for the many homeless women and children served by the Mission.

The Mission’s new LifeChange Center for Women and Their Children opened its doors officially on Sunday, March 2. A few days prior to the big event, I was allowed to spend time touring and capturing the facility, as well as some of its wonderful new residents.

To say that the experience these residents are sharing is life-altering is such an understatement. Just prior to the holidays, one woman and her children – including a child with severe asthma – resorted to living in a cold garage. Now they have a home, warm food, a lovely and loving community to call their own. And it’s all thanks to the Mission staff and volunteers’ INCREDIBLY hard work.

If you have a moment, I do ask that you visit the Mission’s site, and consider donating.  The new Center needs everything: food, clothing, books, toys, home goods — you name it.  I mean, just look at these faces! They deserve a wonderful place to live! UnionGospel3UnionGospel1 UnionGospel2  UnionGospel4 UnionGospel5 UnionGospel6 UnionGospel7 UnionGospel8 UnionGospel9 UnionGospel10 UnionGospel11 UnionGospelAd


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