Kelly | Class of 2015 | West Linn Senior Photographer

The only thing more dangerous than setting me loose in a beautiful and creative setting is to set me loose with someone whose creativity completely eclipses my own.  Kelly, one of my Class of 2015 West Linn Reps, is such a gifted artist that all I had to do was suggest a few locations, and let her do the rest.

We started our day at Bellamy Studios – a wonderful art studio in Multnomah where you can create art by the hour, with access to phenomenal supplies. I told Kelly just to play and see what she could do while we were there; yeah, she ended up creating a masterpiece. Seriously! Look at that talent!

From tI Heart Faceshere we headed downtown and just explored and played with the amazing colors our city has to offer.  Honestly, were it not for the fact that we were freezing after two hours of shooting, we would have kept going.  I’m so thrilled that in addition to being a positively stunning model (who looks just like a brunette Scarlett Johansson, I swear), she’s also a great adventurer. Thanks for being such a fun shooting partner, Kelly – it was an awesome day!

3/4/14 Addendum: I just saw that today’s I Heart Faces challenge was to post “Smiles.”  Um .. Seriously? As if there is any question that Kelly’s smile is nothing short of show-stopping.  It’s so hard to choose a favorite – but I’m giving it a go!

KellyS1 KellyS2 KellyS3 KellyS4 KellyS5 KellyS6 KellyS7 KellyS8 KellyS9 KellyS (108 of 201) KellyS11 KellyS12 KellyS13 KellyS14 KellyS15 KellyS16 KellyS17 KellyS18 KellyS19 KellyS20


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