Tyler | Class of 2015 | West Linn Senior Photographer

In the world of senior photography, I think the guys get slighted a lot.  The girls all get their flowers and their fashion and the focus, but the guys are left with … what?  Since I have a (rather awesome) soon-to-be-senior son, I’ve started putting a lot more time into finding ways to photograph senior guys so they get the spotlight they deserve.

Tyler is one of those guys. I’ve known this great young man for a few years, thanks to my son, and I was able to cajole bribe threaten convince him to model for me.  He may have been reluctant for a moment, but once he warmed up (well, as much as one can warm up in the snow) he we fell into the process pretty seamlessly.

Guys, you’re only a senior once!  Let’s make sure you get a few great shots and have fun in the process … Photos don’t have to be painful. I promise!

TylerNason1 TylerNason2 TylerNason3 TylerNason4 TylerNason5 TylerNason6 TylerNason7



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