Snow Queens | West Linn Senior Photographer

We haven’t seen snow here in West Linn for a few years.  So this week when it started falling – and falling with a vengeance – I was absolutely dying to get out and take advantage of the beautiful powder that was blanketing everything.

One challenge, though, was that here up on our hill, people aren’t exactly able to get around easily. One of my senior reps happens to live nearby, and I thought about calling her, but I’d literally just taken some photos with her two weeks earlier. I didn’t want to burn her out. So imagine my joy when she texted me and said, “since there’s snow and we live so close, if you wanted to take a couple of shots, I wouldn’t argue with you.” 🙂  I could barely contain my enthusiasm.

We met the next morning, and by then Kennedy’s sister and BFF were able to join us. We didn’t have to venture far to find a spectacular setting – it’s beautiful everywhere here right now.  In the end, the whole experience was … well … you judge for yourself.   Needless to say, I’m still smiling!

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SnowGirls14 SnowGirls12

SnowGirls6 SnowGirls5 SnowGirls3 SnowGirls10 SnowGirls4

SnowGirls13  SnowGirls11 SnowGirls9  SnowGirls2 SnowGirls8   SnowGirls16 SnowGirls15

SnowGirls19 SnowGirls18 SnowGirls17


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