Kennedy | Class of 2015 | West Linn Senior Photographer

I Heart FacesYou know you’re in for a treat when your model starts texting you posing and styling ideas before you even get a chance to start.  Kennedy blew me away not only with her beauty, but also with her desire to help create magic during our session.  She was so creative and kept offering ideas and feedback; before we were done I was ready to hire her as my personal photo assistant. (Alas, she already has a job she loves).  In any case, Kennedy was a true trooper, braving 45-degree weather and even bare feet, all to create some spectacular images. We had a fantastic time shooting in a few different locations through town, and I adored the chance to capture both her soft and sassy side, all in the matter of a couple of hours and with some quick wardrobe and scenery changes.

This lovely lady is also the first of my new West Linn High School Class of 2015 Senior Reps to be featured, with my other beautiful representatives to be profiled soon. I’m also thrilled to have teamed with Molly O’Neill Makeup Artistry, as my official makeup artist partner. She did a spectacular job on the girls’ faces!

Finally, a special shout out to the stunning Lake Oswego High School Class of 2014 Senior Rep Lilly, whose photos we shot this weekend as well … thanks for your patience, Lilly – we’ll share your STUNNING photos next week!KennedyFlower5




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