Broadway Bound

There are some people you meet who just make you smile. And others make you wish you could go back to high school.  The moment Thomas walked into my studio, all I could imagine is that we would have been great friends in school if only I was 20-something (okay, nearly 30-something) years younger.  We laughed, danced, and occasionally broke out in song during his session – maybe we met in an earlier life? Regardless …

While I didn’t realize it at the time, this young man has been an integral player in some major Portland productions that I’ve always wanted to see (most recently: OCT’s World War II Radio Christmas). I’ll see if I can get his full bio and post it, because he’s done so very much in his short time on this earth. His enthusiasm for acting and performing is infectious and I so envy the director or producer who someday will be able to claim his discovery.  Watch out Broadway! Your next star is on his way!

Thomas3 Thomas7

Thomas4 Thomas5 Thomas1 Thomas8


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