Chris – Unchained

Oh how do I love Chris? Let me count the ways! This wonderful man was one of my first “official” headshot clients; he was here the first time I ever hosted a headshot event and made me feel so comfortable. We laughed; he did some of the world’s best William Shatner imitations you’ve ever seen. And when I was done and edited his photos, I honestly can say that the finished product made me feel like maybe, just maybe, I might have a future as a photographer.

A year later, having really found my niche and photography style (well, it’s always evolving, but I’m on a  path), I called Chris and told him I really wanted to re-do the shots I took. Though he and his wife are mere days away from having a sweet baby girl, he was able to come and spend an hour with me, and oh what fun we had.  Yes, he pulled out a classic William Shatner look, but beyond that he just delivered a million great expressions and voices.  Oh – and because he brought his favorite music – he occasionally regaled me with his best air guitar performances. None, however, could measure up to his Van Halen imitation, which resulted in the final photos you see below.

Have I mentioned I love my job?  I’m the luckiest photographer ever!





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