Often I use the word “blessed” to describe my life, but it’s the best and truest word I know to illustrate the gratitude I feel for my family, for our health and for the joy we share when we are together.

This year marked my 10th at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. A seemingly unlikely vacation paradise to be sure. But that’s only if you’ve never been there. And only if you’re not a race fan.

For us, Elkhart and its neighboring track – Road America – is more than a destination. It’s a Mecca that represents family and history and the sport we love so much. (My father in law, whom we lost to multiple myeloma in 2007, would race there as a young man himself).

Today, we travel nearly halfway across the country every year to take in the beauty of the Osthoff Resort, enjoy watching my husband rip around the track at much-more-than-100-mph speeds, and most of all spend time with family and friends who share a love of racing as well.

Blessed. Yup. That’s the word.


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