Bibbity Boppity


Our Elle Belle

Our Elle Belle

Years ago when my dear friend asked me to be her daughter’s godmother, never in my wildest did I think that it would come with such a painfully beautiful tug at my heartstrings. Though she lives nearly 3,000 miles away, Elle is so very much a part of our lives.   At eight years old, this diminutive and gorgeous little girl has a vocabulary like a Victorian literary instructor; she’s received a rare invitation to one of the world’s most prestigious ballet schools; and oh, by the way, she’s as kind, loving and compassionate as Mother Theresa.

Okay, am I biased? Of course I am. She’s my goddaughter. I’m crazy in love with the child and am overwhelmed by how much she captivates everyone in her path.  We were so fortunate to have her and her wonderful mother (who always avoids the camera) stay with us this past week.  It’s been a whirlwind of a trip — one that included a large family gathering to celebrate my baby brother’s 44th birthday; a visit to the famous Wings & Waves Waterpark in McMinnville; a fairytale-like excursion to see my husband’s wonderful uncle and aunt in Carlton, Oregon; plenty of sushi (Elle’s favorite); seeing Despicable Me 2; a trip to our local West Linn Farmer’s Market; and a chance to watch her “god-sister” (my daughter) race her SuperSport 200 gokart at Pat’s Acres race track in Canby.   But despite the craziness, we also enjoyed plenty of time to snuggle and just to talk.  We’re so grateful to have these new, wonderful memories and hope beyond hope that we can get together again before the next year passes.


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