My Lovely, My Muse


Sunset Beauty

Sunset Beauty

This Fourth of July weekend already gave us beautiful weather, a trip to Pacific City, exciting fireworks, a bonfire complete with s’mores and great family time.  It was too much to ask that I also could get in a photo session with my daughter, but indeed last night the sunset was so gorgeous, and Lex was pretty excited about her rockin’ new $14 over-the-knee boots that she scored at the local vintage store, Lexi’s Cool Stuff, that we couldn’t help but take photos.  We went across the street from our beach house here in Netarts to this fantastic field with a sweet little pond and just settled in for a few minutes while we played with the light. My girl knows how to work poses at this point (too much time with mom either modeling or watching “America’s Next Top Model,” I’m sure), and she sure knows how to find the light. Even though I’m having to edit these remotely with a lesser-quality monitor and therefore cannot see the details I’d see at home, I’m still in love with our finished images.  Can’t wait to get home and really see how they turned out!

I’m chomping at the bit to host more stylized sessions such as this with high school seniors, but will continue to ask my sweet girl to model for me in the meantime.



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