The call for capturing “emotion” from CY365 came on an interesting day. Normally, I admit, we are pretty much the Cleaver family.  Smiles, giggles … we are, by nature, a generally happy family.  But on this day, not so much.  I was grumpy from having not slept in much too long.  Rick had been on the road (which he is OFTEN) and not only was he tired from his trip, but we were suffering from what we call “re-entry,” which is the adjustment we go through when he comes home and disrupts some of the routines we’ve established in his absence.  And Zach was being a classic teenager: sullen for no particular reason.

I thought Alexis’ “geez-Mom-are-you-really-taking-my-picture-here” look was just much, much too perfect for the day.  Is frustration an emotion? Well, there you have it!



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