It’s hard to believe I’ve known my friend Carly for nearly 16 years.  We met at the PR firm where we worked and became fast friends — she was even the first person I told (outside of immediate family) that we were expecting Zach.

Our families used to hang out together in Utah and as chance / luck / fortune would have it, they moved back to Oregon just a year or so before we did.  Yet even though we’re in the same general vicinity, our kids’ ages and different career paths haven’t been exactly conducive to getting together often.

Thank heavens for my little photo habit. I put out a call on FB, looking for someone who wanted to help me break in my new backdrop stand, and Carly’s (virtual) hand went up.  We had a great time just catching up and chatting while I snapped photos, and as we were joking around we decided to create some visual Valentine’s greetings.  She makes me smile and laugh, reminding me how much I miss spending time with Carly and her darling husband.  Thanks for the time together, my friend! Let’s not wait many months before we do this again! xoxo



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