That’s Entertainment

This photo a day challenge is pushing me to learn all kinds of new techniques – which is exactly what I wanted. Today’s CY365 prompt was “Entertain.”  Just the other day, my brother stopped by my house to drop something off (or someone? I can’t even remember!). And while he was here and chatting, he just picked up some oranges from my island and started juggling.   Um – yeah – I had no idea my baby brother could juggle!  He tells me that he just decided that was something he should know, so he picked up a book one day and just learned how to do it. That’s so very Mike of Mike to do.

Not surprisingly, then, when I saw that today’s prompt was “Entertain,” I couldn’t help but think of the way my brother entertained us with his hidden talent.  So thank you, Mikey, for indulging your sister and letting me explore shooting in rear curtain flash sync to capture the motion of your act!  I love you — ❤ Your seester

That's Entertainment!


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