And Now for Something a Little Different

I Heart FacesI’m an avid, avid fan of I Heart Faces, and know that the style posted there is the light, airy and carefree look I so love. But when I was trying to decide if I should submit anything for their “S” challenge, I kept coming back to this image of my niece, Sophia.  When she was here this past summer to take her senior photos, her mother also sent out a picture she wanted me to recreate. (She already knew about my “You Ought to Be in Pictures” project.)  Sofia’s been told for years that she looks just like her great grandmother, Fluffy (yes, Fluffy!), so now we had a chance to prove that to Sofia herself.  A little styling, two speedlights, and a bit of Photoshopping later, I think we were pretty successful in proving to Sofia that indeed, there is an uncanny resemblance between she and her great grandmother.

I’m so in love with this genre and have a million of ideas for photos and artwork I want to recreate. If only I could find the models (and the props!) to make it possible.  Thank heavens for Sofia!

Part of my "You Ought to be in Pictures" project

Part of my “You Ought to be in Pictures” project

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