Twilight “Breaking Dawn,” TJI Style

We had the most magnificent Thanksgiving vacation in Arizona this year. My husband’s cousin and his family met us in Scottsdale for a lengthy visit, during which time we took in the magnificence of Sedona; hiked and biked along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and simply soaked in each other’s wonderful company. We learned that their 14-year old daughter, Logan, is a HUGE Twilight fan. Now, while I’m not a Twilight person myself, I certainly have had cause to study and enjoy some of the movie’s iconic posters. So given that we had access to a spectacular pool – at twilight, no less – Logan and I took advantage of the sunset to re-create one of these images. Below is the result … one more addition to my beloved iconic photo recreation project.

I love being inspired by others’ fandom. Can’t wait to see what photo opp comes up next!

Twilight Breaking Dawn Poster

Logan’s Twilight Moment


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