It’s All About the Shoes

Another surreal day … Ryan is son to two of my closest friends, and is a senior this year.  And once again, I know right where I was standing when they called to tell me they were expecting him.  I spend a lot of time waxing rhapsodic about how time flies, but spending time today with this awesome young man made it pretty hard to deny that in fact, there’s not a lot of child left in that six-foot-plus frame.

This also was the first time I took official senior pics for a guy, so I ventured into somewhat new territory. That said, we had a great time and laughed a lot.  One thing I never knew about Ryan before today — he collects shoes. Talk about a man after many women’s hearts. He loves “vintage” shoes (ahem – “vintage,” by his definition – is circa. 2004. Ouch again…) and collects classic Air Jordans, among others. In fact, he tells me that there is a club for like-minded (like-footed?) enthusiasts. Who knew?

Here’s to you Ryan … I hope this is your best year yet!


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