Sofia Sofia Sofia

My beautiful, amazingly intelligent and hysterically sarcastic niece flew up from California so that I could have the honor of taking her senior photos. We had the greatest time seeking out locations, starting in the art district in NE Portland, and meandering through to the train tracks by the Ross Island Bridge. We even trekked up to Mt. Hood with all of her Oregon family to take in the sites and chase the sun. While she was here, she also checked out some of the local universities. Now if we have our way, she’ll be heading back north for college in just a few short months.  And Sofia, I’ll even bribe you in writing: I meant it when I said I’d do your laundry.  Oregon awaits!  Love you sweet girl!


5 thoughts on “Sofia Sofia Sofia

  1. Fabulous photos by a fabulous photographer, Kelly! As your Grandmother Hughes would say, “You are a dear and a darlin’!” I do agree that you had a lovely subject to photograph.
    Sofia did also look at Colorado for college . . . . just sayin’

  2. Thanks Jancie! That means a lot (and wow – yes, I do remember Grandma saying that!)

    As for Colorado – sure – but did YOU offer to do laundry? Hee hee .Just sayin … 🙂

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